Wed, May 06 | Online Webinar

Traumatic Stress in Youth: Helping Our COVID-19 Kids

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Traumatic Stress in Youth: Helping Our COVID-19 Kids

Time & Location

May 06, 2020, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
Online Webinar

About The Event

Course Title: Traumatic Stress in Youth: Helping Our COVID-19 Kids 

Presented by Kaleigh Bantum, PhD, NCSP

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

TimeL 9am EST- 12pm EST

Cost: FREE

Level: Intermediate

Credit Hours: 3 FREE CEs total,1 CE in Suicide

Learning Objectives:

- Participants will explain the impact of traumatic stress on children & adolescents

- Participants will identify tools for assessing risk in youth 

- Participants will describe ways of supporting youth in coping with traumatic stress  


IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS WEBINAR YOU MUST READ THE BELOW Q&A AND CAREFULLY FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS. You will be asked to sign off that you read this Q&A on the registration page.

Why is it important that all participants read and carefully follow the Q&A?

It is important that each participant reads the Q&A so they fully understand the expectations and all information necessary to successfully participate in CBI trainings. The mission of CBI Center for Education is to enhance the quality of mental health services and support the long-term development of mental health professionals through free and low cost trainings. The reason we are able to offer trainings at this price point is because we rely on technology to streamline the registration, dissemination of webinar links/passwords, course evaluation surveys, and CE certificates. Technology allows us to not carry the heavy costs associated with employing a large staff to manually complete those tasks for thousands of participants. We created the Q&A so that participants have all information needed to successfully participate in a CBI training. 

Why do I need to add as a contact in my email?

It is important that you add this email address as a contact in your email so that future emails we send (including emails containing the webinar link, course evaluation survey, etc.) will not go to your SPAM folder but rather your INBOX. 

What time will the webinar begin and in what time zone?

This webinar will begin at 9am EST on 5/06/2020.

When will I receive the link and password to attend the webinar? 

You will receive an email from the day before the training with the link and password to the event. YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL CAN RECEIVE EMAILS FROM THIS ADDRESS. If your work email limits incoming emails from Google or Gmail you must sign up using a personal email address. Please check your SPAM folder for this email if you did not receive it in your inbox the day before the webinar, however when you add as a contact in your email, emails from this sender will appear in your INBOX. Please also check the spelling of your email address when registering. We are not able to manually send links to individuals who registered using a misspelled email address. Additionally, we are unable to honor requests changing registrant's email address entered when registering (ie: from a work email address to personal) so please make sure you use the appropriate email address when registering. 

What platform will be used for the webinar?

CBI Center for Education has invested in the webinar platform WebinarJam.  WebinarJam is a web-based platform where the attendees will click on the link sent to them. You must use Chrome of Firefox to access the webinar.  Audio is through your computer only.  There is no dial in audio.

What information will I have to enter when I click on the training link? 

When you click on the link, you will be prompted to type in your name and email address to enter the webinar room. Please be sure to type in your name as you wish it to appear on your CE certificate, as well as the email to which you desire your CE certificate & survey to be emailed. After entering your name and email, you might see a message that states "Welcome, the broadcast will start shortly." This means you've arrived early. Once the webinar is ready to begin, you will see your screen change to say "Start the Broadcast." Double click the "Play" icon and you're ready to go! Here is a video that walks you through the process:

What browser do I need to use on the day of the webinar when I click on the link?

You must click on the link using Chrome or Firefox ONLY.

What internet connection should I have for the webinar? 

We recommend having hard lined internet or being physically located close to your router. Technical support will not be provided by CBI for any connection issues on the day of the training. CBI will not issue refunds due to technical issues experienced by participants. Our presenters are connected to hard lined business grade internet when presenting. If you  

What happens if my internet briefly freezes?

If you become disconnected during the event, log back on immediately. A brief interruption of connectivity will not impact your eligibility for a CE certificate.

Will there be a recording? 

No, there will not be a recording or replay.

Will I receive the presenter's slides?

It is up to each presenter if they wish to share their slides. During the webinar, the presenter will notify participants if they will be making the slides available after the webinar. We are unable to respond to emails asking for the slides ahead of the presentation.

Will you know that I am logged in and active in the webinar? 

Yes, WebinarJam's platform monitors the attendance and activity of the attendees. Additionally, there will be a chat feature and various forms of participation monitored throughout the training. 


Will I have to show my face on camera? 

WebinarJam's platform does not capture participants on video. Instead, participants will view the presenter and the presenter's slides on their screen.

Is there Audio? 

Yes, Webinarjam's platform uses your computer or tablet's audio ONLY. You will not be able to dial in via phone for the audio portion of this training. Please be sure your computer or tablet has speakers/ audio capabilities. A good way to test this is to go to YouTube and play a video to insure you have sound. 


How many suicide and ethics CE's will be issued? 

1 Suicide CE will be listed out individually on the CE certificate. There are no Ethics CE's for this training.

Will these CE's count toward my individual state licensure or another credential that I currently hold? 

The CE's issued for this training are approved by American Psychological Association. If you are licensed in the state of Pennsylvania as a Psychologist, LSW, LCSW, LMFT or LPC the State Board in Pennsylvania will accept APA issued CE's toward your licensure renewal. If you are licensed in a state other than Pennsylvania, you must personally check with your state specific board or association to see if they will accept CE's issued by the American Psychological Association. 


Will you issue partial CE credits? 

No, we do not issue partial CE credits and therefore if you do not attend the training in its entirety, you will not be receiving a CE certificate. This is an APA requirement and non-negotiable. Please refrain from emailing us explaining why you were unable to login to the event on time (this includes mixing up time zones, technical difficulties, or not finding the link in your INBOX due to 'info@cbicenterforeducation' not being added as a contact in your email).

When will I receive my course evaluation survey? 

Following the completion of the training, you will be receiving a survey via Survey Monkey. This survey will be sent out by 5pm EST on the day of the training. You must complete the survey within 14 calendar days if you would like to receive a CE certificate. Here is a video on how to fill out the course completion survey:

We are unable to respond to emails from participants asking for confirmation that their course completion survey was received. If you clicked the SUBMIT button your survey was received.


I do not wish to receive a CE certificate. Do I need to fill out the course evaluation survey?

If you do not wish to receive a CE certificate, you do not need to complete this survey. The CE certificate is the only type of certificate that will be issued. 

When will I receive my CE certificate? 

Upon completion of the course evaluation survey, CBI will be issuing CE certificates within 30 days. We will notify you if there is a delay longer than 30 days. We are unable to respond to requests about the status of your certificate if it has been less than 30 calendar days since you filled out the course evaluation survey.


How will I receive my CE certificate?

Your CE certificate will be emailed to you from Please add this contact to your email so that the email does not go to your SPAM folder. Here is a video on how to download the certificate: You must download and save it immediately, or print it for your records for storage in a safe place. We unable to provide duplicates of your certificate at a later date. 


I filled out the wrong email address or misspelled my name on my course evaluation survey. How do I get a new certificate?

In the course evaluation survey, it asks for the participant to fill out their name EXACTLY as they wish it to appear on their CE certificate. It also asks the participant to enter their email address where they wish the certificate to be sent. These two fields automatically populate within our certificate software. Misspellings or typos require our staff to manually produce or email a certificate. As a result, there will be a $5 fee to manually produce a certificate with a different name or email address than the one the participant provided in the Course Evaluation Survey. 

What time are the 15 minute breaks? 

The exact time of day when the 15 minute breaks will occur is unknown as it is dependent on the flow of the presentation. You should plan your schedule to be engaged in the webinar the entire time.


The limit of participants for each webinar is 5,000 individuals. What happens if I am placed on a waitlist? 

As registrants cancel, we will go in order of reaching out to those on the waitlist. You will be notified via email from if you are moved to the attendance list. Please do not email us asking for a status on your position on the waitlist as we are not staffed to fulfill those requests.

How can I be informed about your future trainings?

Check out our website and follow us on Facebook under "CBI Center for Education" so that you don't miss our announcements of future trainings! Additionally, we have a Cognitive Behavior Institute YouTube Channel with several free videos that anyone can access. We look forward to your attendance!


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